Anhui WanKuang  Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in economic development zone of Huaibei City Duji District Pang Wang Industrial Park Tengfei Road West, the registered capital of 10 million yuan, covers an area of 40000 square meters, 25000 square meters factory. Anhui Anhui Mine Electromechanical Equipment Co Ltd set up R & D design team in Shandong, Yanggu county set up a drilling technology...[read more]

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Address:Huaibei City Economic Development Zone Industrial Park Wang Pang Duji District Tengfei Road West 

  • CoupingCouping
  • Sphere holderSphere holder
  • Chisel bit、Cross bitChisel bit、Cross bit
  • Protection cutter bitProtection cutter bit
  • Cutting BitCutting Bit
  • Central Cutter BitCentral Cutter Bit
  • Edge cutter bitEdge cutter bit
  • Pre-cutting BitPre-cutting Bit
  • RipperRipper
  • Heavy pre-cutterHeavy pre-cutter
  • Scraper bitScraper bit
  • Cutter bitCutter bit
  • Cutter holderCutter holder
  • Replaceable cutter bitReplaceable cutter bit
  • TR50/30 Standard、Wear ring、Wear holderTR50/30 Standard、Wear ring、Wear holder
  • DS-01 Standard、Wear ring、Wear holderDS-01 Standard、Wear ring、Wear holder
  • C31 Conical pick、BlockC31 Conical pick、Block
  • TR72 Bucket teeth、BlockTR72 Bucket teeth、Block
  • TR70 Bucket teeth、WlockTR70 Bucket teeth、Wlock
  • Core rotary bucket drillingCore rotary bucket drilling
  • Twist drilling toolsTwist drilling tools
  • Bucket teeth rotary drillingBucket teeth rotary drilling
  • Balter holderBalter holder
  • Zahn toothZahn tooth
  • Pilot BoxPilot Box
  • Pilot bitsPilot bits
  • Roller bits for core barrelRoller bits for core barrel
  • Snow shovelSnow shovel
  • TE-J243 Smart milling bit、BlockTE-J243 Smart milling bit、Block
  • WB20、39 BlockWB20、39 Block
  • TR-J240 Horseshoe flats cutterTR-J240 Horseshoe flats cutter
  • BFZ25R Small teeth cutteBFZ25R Small teeth cutte
  • BFZ65 BFZ65 BlockBFZ65 BFZ65 Block
  • TR-W002 Welding rotary bitTR-W002 Welding rotary bit
  • TR-W002 Rotary bitTR-W002 Rotary bit
  • TR-W001 Rotary bitTR-W001 Rotary bit
  • Sphere holderSphere holder
  • C8551R Milling bitC8551R Milling bit
  • BTK80 Milling bitBTK80 Milling bit
  • BA90-32BA90-32
  • BA52-27BA52-27
  • BA70-38BA70-38
  • BA92-30BA92-30
  • BA95-43BA95-43
  • BA55-22BA55-22
  • Hex wrenchHex wrench
  • Quadrangle wrenchQuadrangle wrench
  • BRV02 BRV03 BRV08 BRV Feather keyBRV02 BRV03 BRV08 BRV Feather key
  • V-groove flats pick left、Middle、Right、BlockV-groove flats pick left、Middle、Right、Block
  • 40 Flats pick left、Middle、Right、Block40 Flats pick left、Middle、Right、Block


  • Tel:400-0561-369


  • Tel:+86+561+6876261
  • Fax:+86+561+6876261